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Stay Informed and Connected! Your Guide to Valuable Resources for Families and Caregivers

The purpose of the parent resources here is to provide families and caregivers quick access to important information regarding occupational therapy,  sensory integration, The Masgutova Method- MNRI, Spelling to Communicate, and other therapeutic modalities such as the Safe and Sound Protocol- SSP, The ils Focus System.  Live Love Grow Therapy will update this list frequently, so check back periodically. 


Do you have a great resource you would like to share with other families? Email us at:

The Masgutova Method


Masgutova Neurosensorymotor Reflex Integration

Spelling to Communicate


To purchase letterboards:

To purchase lessons:


Free lessons:

To watch the SPELLERS Movie:


Growing Kids Therapy Center- Founder Elizabeth Vosseller:


Growing Kids Therapy Center Parent Cohort:


Spellers Method Communication Partner Training:


International Association for Spelling as Communication:


Spellers Freedom Foundation:

Parent Resource:

Practitioner Locator:


  • 703.454.0202


How to Avoid the 5 Pitfalls of Being a New Spelling Parent


Hope for your Struggling Communicator


Doctors & Scientists with Brian Hooker/ Special Guest Dawnmarie Gaivin


Movement Differences in Autism


Coregulation for Communication Partners


The Eyes Have It! Apraxia & Ocular Motor Control


Understanding Sensory-Motor Differences and the Impact of Neurological "Noise" in Autism


Communication Through Spelling


Apraxia, Rethinking Intenionality, and Shifting Current Paradigms to Presuming Competence


Achieving Successful Communication in Students with Complex Motor Challenges


Book Recommendations: 

Underestimated by JB Handley and Jamison Handley

Ido in Autism World

The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

Autism: Sensory-Movement Differences and Diversity by Martha Leary and Anne Donnellan

Autism: The Movement- Sensing Perspective by Elizabeth Torres and Caroline Whyatt

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman

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